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About Ombudu:Prenatal©

What does Ombudu© mean?

Ombudu© is derived from the familiar word "Ombudsman". The origin of this word is thought to be from the old Norse word, "Umbodhsmadhr". In the old Norse language, an "Umbodhsmadhr" was a "trusted manager."

Ombudu:Prenatal©   is a Personal Prenatal Health Record (PPHR) designed for use by all pregnant women and their families. It is intended to help you, your family and your health care provider(s) keep track of your pregnancy, your maternal and baby health history, and the findings at each prenatal visit. Ombudu:Prenatal© is also a resource to help you learn more about your pregnancy and suggest where you might go for prenatal care if you do not have a provider.

If you should have a miscarriage or very complicated pregnancy that might end with a pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neonatal loss, you may find comfort and support here at
Ombudu:Prenatal  during this difficult time

Quality, safety and your pregnancy experience

Ombudu:Prenatal is committed to advocating for the safest possible pregnancy experience for its users. The foundation of this quality experience begins with optimal communication between the patient and the healthcare provider.  This communication must have at hand the patient's medical history and previous examination findings in order to carryout the most thorough assessment.  It is the promise of Ombudu:Prenatal© to provide this information.  

Shared Decision Making

Ombudu:Prenatal© is a tool to help record, store and retrieve pregnancy information and promote shared decision making. Families achieve optimally healthy maternal and newborn outcomes when their care and resources are provided in an atmosphere of open (transparent), effective healthcare-provider communications,a shared decision-making process between and among families, clinicians and nurses (teamwork), evidenced / experiential based practices -all occurring within a milieu of consistent and compassionate care.  

Ombudu:Prenatal©  enhances partnership-in-care between you and your provider by enabling you to actively engage your provider within a time-frame necessary to fully discuss the elements of each prenatal visit such as your history, visit examination and laboratory / ultrasound findings, and then permit you to personally enter the pertinent information into the Ombudu:Prenatal© personal health record at the time and place of your point of care. Thus You, the Ombudu:Prenatal© user will actively participate in your prenatal visit and share in the retrieval, reviewing, and recording of your information. This should promote a better understanding of the condition of your pregnancy health.

We at Ombudu:Prenatal© believe that everyone should have access to  contemporary healthcare services and support.  Prenatal care, labor and delivery care, neonatal care and when needed, bereavement support and understanding is a paradigm for safe, compassionate, patient-focused health care. When unexpected outcomes do occur and / or technology fails to achieve its intended purpose, there must be avenues to foster understanding, administer compassion and promise hope.  This is the human dimension of healthcare; this is the soul of Ombudu:Prenatal©
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