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 Additional services for your company
$35.00 Federal Tax ID Number
The Federal Tax ID Number is required to open a business account and to put your license into the corporate name. The tax Id is only $35.00 and we will acquire the actual number for your convenience.
$119.00 ITIN Tax Identification Number
If you are a non-U.S. citizen and/or non-green card holder you are and do not have a social security number granted to you by the U.S. Government, you will need a ITIN number so that you may complete a tax return in the United States. Our fee to help you acquire this number is $119.00
$65.00 Independent Contractor Agreement
If you would like to hire a worker as an independent contractor (and file a 1099 for them) without the worry of the IRS coming after you because the contractor failed to complete their own tax withholdings, then having an executed Independent Contractor Agreement is a must. Additionally, if vicarious liability (being sued because contractor acted negligently) is of a concern, again an executed Independent Contractor Agreement is a necessary layer of protection. The cost for an independent contractorís agreement is only $65.00 at the time of incorporating.
$85.00 Unemployment Tax Account Number
If you are going to be paying a wage to yourself or other employees at the time you incorporate, state law requires you to have an Unemployment Tax ID so that you may comply with the state unemployment withholdings. You will use the Unemployment Tax ID to mail in your quarterly unemployment withholdings due to the state.
$35.00 10 New Hire Reports
It is necessary to report your new hired employees (Including yourself) so to avoid paying expensive penalties. We will prepare 10 New Hire Reports for only $35.00
$85.00 Sales Tax ID Number (for Reselling)
If you need to purchase products for resale you will need a Sales Tax ID Number. The Sales Tax ID allows you to purchase the products tax free prior to resale. We will acquire sales tax ID number for an additional $85.00
$99.00 Employment Agreement
The agreement will include the important parameters for new hired employees such as protecting your trade secrets and other intellectual property from being stolen as well a non-competition clause. Additionally, the beginning and ending dates of the employment period, the amount of the salary and time period it will cover, a description of duties and title for employee, agreed paid vacation days and severance pay. We will draft an agreement that entails all the above elements and more.
$65.00 Indemnification
When you incorporate or organize your business you are protected as a Shareholder or Member (owner of a company); however, when you act as a director, officer or manager you have to understand there is no personal protection if you are sued. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have us draft a contract between the corporation/LLC and the directors/officers for an important layer of protection agreed to by the company for its directors, officers and managers. The fee for this work is only $65.00 dollars at the time of incorporating. A contract will be drafted for all involved, the indemnification language will be also placed into your articles and the proper resolutions will be drafted.
$150.00 Registered Agent Service
The state of Texas requires a registered agent to be registered in your articles of incorporation so that a sheriff may serve legal papers in conjunction with a prospective law suit. We can help you acquire a registered agent services for $150.00 for 12 months.
$88.00 Attorney counsel
we can act as your attorney counsel for 12 months so that you may call or email with your legal business questions regarding the company we organize in conjunction with your Atty Counsel Payment. (Service is free with the purchase of your company during our promotional period. Promotion ends 07/01/2017)
$135.00 DBA (fictitious name)
If you would like to have a secondary name to advertise your corporation under, it is required to have what is called a DBA or fictitious name registered correctly with the state of Texas under your corporation. We will register the fictitious name and complete the required resolutions for only $135.00 ( 7-8 day completion time ) after receiving the registered fictitious name from us you can then complete a second registration at the county level where you are conducting business.
$65.00 Three Day DBA Service
Three Day DBA Service
$110.00 One Day DBA Service
One Day DBA Service
$170.00 Same Day DBA Service
Same Day DBA Service
$795.00 Trademark Name
If you want your corporate name to be protected from others using it, a Trademark is a must. We will complete a Federal Trademark for $795.00 plus any additional filing fees for more than one business category.
$499.00 Trademark name search Due Diligence
We will perform the crucial due diligence (Trademark name searches)at the Federal level and most importantly the Common Law level to make sure no one is using a similar Trademark $499.00
$499.00 Trademark Logo
We will trademark you company logo for an additional $499.00
$950.00 Trademark Upkeep
We will Continue to monitor your Trademark name to make sure no competitorís unlawfully use it, and we will keep up the ongoing formalities for $950.00 a year plus any filing fees assessed.
$399.00 Copyright
A copyright gives the owner of a creative work the right to keep others from using the work without the owner\'s permission. Copyright protection may be applied for with regards to all original expressions, including art, sculpture, music, songs, choreography, crafts, poetry, flow charts, software, photography, movies, CD-ROMS, video games, videos, web sited and graphic designs. Copyright lasts for many years. Most often it lasts for the life of the work\'s creator (its author) plus 70 years. In cases where the creator is a business, the copyright lasts between 95 and 120 years. We will register your Copyright for $275. If you need immediate proof of the Copyright we will accomplish this for an additional $600.00. (SEE BELOW).
$750.00 Immediate Copyright Confirmation
We can also get your immediate confirmation evidence of your Copyright registration for an additional $750.00(Next Day)
$99.00 Vehicle Lease
Do you use your vehicle for business purposes, if so a vehicle lease agreement would provide tremendous tax breaks as well as protection from losing the vehicle in case of a law suit. We will draft a vehicle lease for only $99.00
$145.00 Business Equipment Lease
Do you have office equipment, construction equipment or other expensive equipment that you would like to protect from a law suit and yet still receive a valuable tax write off. If so have us provide you with an Equipment Lease for only $145.00
$90.00 State 501(c)(3)
If it is essential that your Non-Profit Corporation MUST be capable of soliciting Donations and Government Grants then you must first register a State Non Profit Corporation with the proper 501c3 information stated in the articles; and register your Texas Solicitation of Donation Documentation with the State. We will register your State Nonprofit with the necessary 501(c)(3) language in the Corporate articles for an additional $90.00 Or if a special state dental nonprofit, or state medical nonprofit we will help with the required documentation for an additional $199.00.
$199.00 Special State Dental or Medical NonProfit
if a special state dental nonprofit, or state medical nonprofit we will help with the required documentation for an additional $199.00
$245.00 Texas solicitation of Donations Documentation
We will Complete your Texas Solicitation Documentation (see above) for $245.00
$195.00 Volunteer Assignment Agreement
Volunteer Assignment Agreement. $195.00 Your nonprofit may need to seek an outside volunteer to put together a website or other intellectual property for your business needs. In order to protect this information as being owned by your nonprofit and not volunteer, you need this person to sign such an agreement that allows the work product to be fully owned by your nonprofit.
$150.00 Sales Tax ID Number (For Tax FREE Purchasing)
$150.00 DOLLARS Would you like your nonprofit corporation to be exempt from Texas sales tax, hotel occupancy tax and franchise tax; if you have the proper documentation you can take advantage of these tremendous tax breaks; our fee to help you with this is $150.00 plus an additional filing fees
Would you like your nonprofit (charitable organization) corporation to be exempt from property taxes? We can help you receive this incredibly valuable tax break with this service.
$599.00 Special Postal Permit
Qualified Nonprofit corporations may obtain a permit for mailing newsletters or other similar information at reduced third-class rate. Our fee to help you obtain this valuable mail rate is $599.00
$999.00 Federal 501(c)(3)
If it is important that those who donate money to your Non-Profit Corporation be able to write off their donations as tax deductible gifts, then you will need to register a Federal 501(c)(3) with the Federal Government. We can register your Federal 501(c)(3) for $999.00 (this does not include the Federal filing FEE)
$450.00 Terms and Conditions for Websites
If your new company will have a website to advertise its services and products, we can assist you by creating the all-important terms and conditions agreement for use thereof. Our fee is $450.00 and will be created to meet your site\'s needs.
$950.00 Terms and Conditions for Social Media
If your new company will have a social media site, it is imperative that it have proper terms and conditions for users to abide by. We can create such terms and conditions that will meet the the needs of your new site to protect you from illegal postings and other illegal activities of the prospective users.
$799.95 U.S. Customs Service Trademark Recordation to Protect Against Trademark Counterfeits
The U.S. Customs will protect registered trademarks from imports that are counterfeiting your Trademark(s). We will record the mark with the U.S. Customs Services. Counterfeit marks are unauthorized reproductions of registered trademarks. Under the 1978 revisions to the Tariff Act, goods with counterfeit marks are automatically seized if found.
$499.95 U.S. Customs Service Copyright Recordation to Protect Against Trademark Counterfeits
The U.S. Customs will protect registered copyrights (normally Logos) from imports that are counterfeiting your Copyright. We will record the Copyright with the U.S. Custom Services. Counterfeit copyrights are unauthorized reproductions of registered copyrights, and are normally seized if found.
$3000.00 Grant Writing
Do you need help acquiring a Grant to help the principal purpose of your nonprofit? The Law Offices of Nick Spradlin, PLLC is adept at helping its clients receive the grant they need to succeed in meeting their nonprofit goals. Whether it be receiving grants to help with operating expenses, or the development of a specific program; or maybe you need a grant for renovations or specialized equipment. In other instances it may be that your company needs a grant to engage in capacity building, that is, to increase the capacity of your nonprofit staff to better support a mission. Finally, in some circumstances you may simply need an endowment for ongoing financial assistance to reach the special goals you may have set for your nonprofit. No matter the size of your need we can help you obtain the necessary grant for your nonprofit.
$499.00 Copyright Name Search
We can perform a search for copyrights similar to the copyright you are trying to register prior to the registration of your copyright.
$99.95 Non-Profit exemption from franchise tax
This service will allow your non-profit franchise to be exempt from franchise taxes.
$115.00 Federal Tax ID - Non U.S. Citizen/Non Resident/Non Green Card Holder
The Federal Tax ID Number is required to open a business account and to put your license into the business name. The tax ID for a NON U.S. CITIZEN AND NON U.S. RESIDENT/NON GREEN CARD HOLDER will actually be acquired by us for you.
 Speed of Service

   We normally get you your documents in about 7 to 9 Days. If you need your corporation completed quicker we have different speeds of service;

Same Day Incorporation for an additional $175.00
Next Day Incorporation for an additional $120.00
3 Business Day Incorporation for an additional $65.00

There are some very important extra services that you should consider to allow for tax break and asset protection.

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$21.95 Regular Shipping Outside Texas
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$109.95 Regular Shipping International
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