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 Additional services for your company
$35.00 Federal Tax ID Number
The Federal Tax ID Number is required to open a business account and to put your license into the corporate name. The tax Id is only $35.00 and we will acquire the actual number for your convenience.
$150.00 Registered Agent Service
The state of Texas requires a registered agent to be registered in your articles of incorporation so that a sheriff may serve legal papers in conjunction with a prospective law suit. We can help you acquire a registered agent services for $150.00 for 12 months.
$88.00 Attorney counsel
we can act as your attorney counsel for 12 months so that you may call or email with your legal business questions regarding the company we organize in conjunction with your Atty Counsel Payment. (Service is free with the purchase of your company during our promotional period. Promotion ends 07/01/2017)
$135.00 DBA (fictitious name)
If you would like to have a secondary name to advertise your corporation under, it is required to have what is called a DBA or fictitious name registered correctly with the state of Texas under your corporation. We will register the fictitious name and complete the required resolutions for only $135.00 ( 7-8 day completion time ) after receiving the registered fictitious name from us you can then complete a second registration at the county level where you are conducting business.
$65.00 Three Day DBA Service
Three Day DBA Service
$110.00 One Day DBA Service
One Day DBA Service
$170.00 Same Day DBA Service
Same Day DBA Service
$0.00 Free Single Member Operating Agreement
Every Limited Liability Company MUST have an Operating Agreement to complete personal protection in the face of Litigation. The Operating Agreement MUST provide a clear outline of the rights and responsibilities of all parties to the LLC. This Operating Agreement provisions cover the procedural issues such as voting rights; rights and responsibilities of the Managers and Owners; financial matters; methods for amending the Operating Agreement; Owner withdrawal; dissolution of the Company; and the Buy/sell aspect of Ownership interest. It is a good idea that LLC governing procedures be establish and memorialized in a written Operating Agreement at the time of incorporating because after the formation of the LLC, matters may not be so easily agreed upon. Our tailor made Contract spells out the rights and obligations of the parties in the event disagreements come up. Even family owners should have an OPERATING AGREEMENT, since it could settle some issues without the expense of litigation. Having an Operating Agreement brings transparency and predictability with regards to issues mentioned above and thus tranquility when engaging in your day to day business activities. We include a single member operating agreement for free for single member LLCs; if the company is a traditional Multimember LLC then the cost is only an additional$35.00 for up to six owners. If company is a special purpose IRA LLC the fee is $360.00 additional per additional owner.
$69.00 Cadre Operating Agreement
Although you receive a master operating agreement with the organization of the Series LLC you will still need separate sub operating agreements for each individual series. We offer these separate operating agreements at $59.00 per agreement.
$115.00 Federal Tax ID - Non U.S. Citizen/Non Resident/Non Green Card Holder
The Federal Tax ID Number is required to open a business account and to put your license into the business name. The tax ID for a NON U.S. CITIZEN AND NON U.S. RESIDENT/NON GREEN CARD HOLDER will actually be acquired by us for you.
 Speed of Service

   We normally get you your documents in about 7 to 9 Days. If you need your corporation completed quicker we have different speeds of service;

Same Day Incorporation for an additional $175.00
Next Day Incorporation for an additional $120.00
3 Business Day Incorporation for an additional $65.00

There are some very important extra services that you should consider to allow for tax break and asset protection.

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Our Corporate Package are available for shipping to you via Ground (2-3) Business days for a charge of $17.95 Also we have Overnight delivery for a charge of $35.95 within the State of Texas.

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$35.95 Next Day Shipping Inside Texas
$21.95 Regular Shipping Outside Texas
$36.95 Next Day Shipping Outside Texas
$55.95 Regular Shipping Canada
$89.95 Regular Shipping Europe
$109.95 Regular Shipping International
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