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Astro Chart

Your sky chart shows you things that are not known to anyone except yourself. You will find there explanation of the positions of various planets at your birth, positions of astrological houses and the relationships they have with respect to each other. Astrological influences change according to date, hour and place of your birth. The planets move along the zodiacal wheel and become active agents, influencing our destiny. Astrological houses of the theme represent the vision of ourselves and of life in general, which was imposed on us. Your sky chart indicates the initial direction given to you by those who surrounded you at your birth.

There are twelve signs, twelve houses, ten lights, South node, North node, the Black Moon, etc. They may be in conjunction, in sextile, in trigon, may be straight, in opposition, in pentagon... The sky chart looks like a road map, following who you are or who you would like to be. It indicates your potential and your limits, which are usually the results of your education. It encourages you to look for the solutions, because there are no definite statements in the sky chart. A human being is stronger than his date of birth. Life is a miracle full of magic and of divine force.

The knowledge you have about yourself will let you progress in the right direction and improve the relationships with the people who surround you. It is never too late to start living according to your aspirations. Your sky chart is a treasury of information about you, your possibilities, gifts and talents. Let us unveil your destiny.

The right actions can only come from someone who knows himself. The success awaits those who never stop trying to get better.

Lucky Moon days

Astrology is an important tool, which sometimes invites you to wait, or encourages you to go forward towards your objective. After more than twenty years of observation, I can provide you some indications, which will give more taste and spice to your life. Using your Moon lucky days, you increase your chances, both in play and in love. At the same time, these are the most appropriate days to look for a job, to study, take an exam or to sign a contract.

The Moon lucky days described here, together with your astrological chart, give you more advantage in various sectors of your life.

However, don't forget that what you find here are forecasts, not certainties.

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