1. Your manuscript saved in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.
2. Your graphics or pictures saved in high resolution format   If your graphics are not in high resolution we will
contact you and make appropriate changes.   Interior
colored pictures may require additional fees. Or, with your
permission,  we will change them to Black-white.  Only interior black and white pictures are offered at no extra charge.
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Byline is the optional notation that is used to state  other contributors to a book.  e.g. Byline: Compiled by Sandra Miller and
Cindy Ford or Byline: Mark Hutton with illustrations by Steve White
Co-author - Wrote the book with someone else (usually no more than two).
% of the total royalties to be paid to the book contributors.
Each contributor may receive a portion of the total royalty. This portion is a percentage of the royalty agreed to in
the publishing agreement.
If there aren't any co-authors leave the Primary author box checked.   
The Pen Name is the name which you are publishing under to maintain your identity anonymous.  If you do not have a pen
name, and just want your book published under your legal name, please leave this area blank. **We place the Copyright
notice, as specified, in the front of the book. If you publish under a pen name, your pen name should be entered as the
Copyright holder so that your true identity remains anonymous.  
*Exact name of Copyright holder for this book: **  
*Year of Original Copyright (For new manuscripts, enter the current year):
All necessary art work is electronically uploaded to us in the next step of this process.  You may also chose to send us the
art work by mail in a CD-ROM or in paper to be scanned.  Please check the appropriate box bellow.  
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Name of Artist that will receive the credit for the front cover if any:
Idea for cover or Additional Instructions to modify reference graphic:
Back Cover  -
The author photo is typically used on the back cover of the book, however, its not a must to have author picture placed
in back cover.
Will provide author photo with manuscript (next step)
Author biography will be included in the back cover, on on-line stores, on retailers websites and wholesalers
of  your book.
The author biography should contain two key elements:
1. It should communicate to the reader why you are qualified to write the book. Any qualifications on this field.  If you
are the author filling out your bio, do not write in first person, but in third person "he, she, her, his".   You can Start with
the words "The author" or with the author's name.
2. You don't have to be too specific, but say something about your personal life as a author. It can be a broad statement
such as "Rosalyn Stevens lives with her husband and two children in Pasadena, California where she enjoys gardening
and outdoor walks."
 Please enter author's biography bellow:
The Book Marketing Statement should consist of one or two sentences (25 word count limit) telling people why they
should read your book. It has to be concise in order to caught the reader's attention.
Please provide us with information that will attract readers to your book. This information is used on websites, in our
advertising campaigns, and in the Printed Catalogs Adds
, so it is important that it is carefully entered exactly as you
would like it to appear to be read by book retailers, librarians and the general book buyers. Please use plain text with no
formatting and no html when writing your Book Marketing Statement. That includes no italics or bolded fonts.   
The back cover marketing statement is a brief description of the book that invites readers to purchase your book. The
ideal length should be 150-200 words.  
  • Break up the book description into paragraphs. One giant book
    paragraph is very difficult to read.
  • Avoid clichés such as "a must read" or "this book will change your life." The
    back cover description is not a book review. It is a preview of the text.
  • Use a citation from your book that is
    compelling if you choose.
  • The last paragraph of the book description should be a closing statement that is short
    and effective.
Enter Key words that help people find your book. For example, when someone is searching the web for books on love and
marriage, they enter words such as relationships, love, betrayal or romance.  If your title is related to history, enter some of
the subtopics which you have written about, such as medieval, US, discovery. You do not need to provide
10 words;
however, the more words or phrases you provide, the more opportunity people will have to find your book.
What is the general topic of your book?
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