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Young Readers—Timelines

    America     Europe     Ancient Greece     Ancient Rome

These timelines include events that are touched upon in one or more of the books in the Young Readers collection. Our introductory curriculum does not emphasize chronological history, but students may be interested in "checking off" those incidents that they have read about.

Early America

Year Event
1492 Columbus Discovers America
1500’s Spanish and French Explorations in Florida, Mexico, Canada
1607 Jamestown Colony
1664 British conquer Dutch colony. New Amsterdam becomes New York.
1677 William Penn founds Pennsylvania colony.
1520 Pilgrims arrive in Massachusetts
1776 Declaration of Independence—begin Revolutionary War
1783 States ratify the Constitution—George Washington president
1793 Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin
1804 Lewis and Clark explore the Louisiana Purchase
1812 War of 1812
1829 Andrew Jackson becomes first “commoner” president.
1837 Samuel Morse invents the Telegraph
1846 Mexican American War—Southwest annexed to the U.S.
1849 Gold found in California, beginning of westward expansion
1861 Opening shot of the American Civil War
1869 First Intercontinental Railroad completed
1877 Retreat of Chief Joseph marks the last major Indian battle.
1879 Thomas Edison introduces first commercial light bulb.
1898 Spanish American War—Spain driven from Cuba, Philippines.
1917 United States becomes involved in World War I


Year Event
410 Visigoths invade Rome
451 Attila the Hun is defeated at the battle of Chalons
598 Augustine converts Saxons, becomes first Archbishop of Canterbury
600 Frankish King Clovis converts to Christianity, France becomes Catholic
712 Moslems invade Spain
732 Moors driven back to Spain at the battle of Tours
800 Charlemagne crowned first Holy Roman Emperor
900 Death of Alfred the Great, who saved Britain from Vikings
1066 Norman Conquest of Britain at Battle of Hastings
1096 First Crusade
1190 Reign of Richard I and Legend of Robin Hood
1330 Legend of William Tell
1350 Black Plague
1431 Death of Joan of Arc, end of Hundred Years War
1492 Columbus discovers America
1517 Beginning of Protestant Reformation
1534 Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn, breaks with Rome
1650 Peace of Westphalia—end of Thirty Years War.
1757 Britain wins control of Indian colonies at battle of Plassey.
1783 Britain loses colonies in Revolutionary War
1789 Beginning of French Revolution
1815 Napoleon defeated at battle of Waterloo
1914 Beginning of First World War

Ancient Greece

Year Event
1000 B.C. Trojan War
700 B.C. Laws of Sparta established
490 B.C. Persian War—Battle of Marathon
480 B.C. Persian War—Battle of Thermopylae, Salamis
450 B.C. Golden Age of Athens
404 B.C. End of Peloponnesian War—downfall of Athenian Empire
401 B.C. Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks from Persian territory
399 B.C. Execution of the philosopher Socrates
334 B.C. Alexander the Great conquers Persia

Ancient Rome

Year Event
750 B.C. Kingdom of Rome established
510 B.C. Roman Republic is founded. King is exiled.
280 B.C. Rome conquers all of Italy
202 B.C. End of Second Punic War
168 B.C. Macedonia falls to Rome.
146 B.C. Carthage and Corinth destroyed
52 B.C. Julius Caesar conquers Gaul
44 B.C. Julius Caesar assassinated
31 B.C. Caesar Augustus gains undisputed control of Roman Empire
68 A.D. Death of Nero, last of the Caesars
313 A.D. Edict of Milan—Christianity is recognized by Roman Empire
410 A.D. Rome sacked by Visigoth army

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