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Young Readers—Historical Images

Stories from French History by Lena Dalkeith

King Louis started for the Crusades. In full battle aray he came to take leave of Clothilde and his small son. "She fled to the Lombady court with her childrn, pleading for shelter and safety."
"Desiderius, together with Ogier the Dane, climbed a high tower so better to catch the first glimpse of his approach." She saw an angel's face appearing through the wonder-shine In the market-place at Rouen they burned her to death at the stake.
"A few minutes afterwards my landlord entered, pale and in much distress." "Without a word, Marie Antoinette went to the little balcony ouside the apartment and stood there in full sight of the angry people."

Stories from Roman History by Lena Dalkeith

Romulus and Remus Horatius keeps the bridge. Coriolanus at the gates of Rome.
Fabius calms the fears of the Romans. Death of Gracchus the Younger. The death of Caesar.

America First by Lawton B. Evans

"With long paddles and strong arms, the Indians forced their craft along the river " On a tree nearby was carved the word 'Croatan' For fifteen days the Indians required Mrs. Dustin and
All the weather was not springtime Unbar the gate and let me pass!' "Wade in', cried Clark, 'and follow me!' "
The Guerriere was a helpless hulk in the water Who would stand under the mistletoe? The race was on
She spoke to them in hopeful tones

Old Time Tales by Lawton B. Evans

The long lines of richly laden beasts would wind slowly over the desert. "In his castle at Lorch, on the Rhine, lived an old knight named Gilgen." Rocks came plunging down the mountain side.
The maddened horse galloped for miles through forest and over plains.

Story of Francis Drake by Mrs. Oliver Elton

Queen Elizabeth knighting Drake on Board the Golden Hind at Deptford Drake carrying to Court the News of his Voyage Drake wounded at Nombre de Dios
The Maroon Chief showing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from the tree-top Sir Francis Drake Drake at the taking of Sagres Castle
Drake at Bowls on Plymouth Hoe Fighting the Great Armada

Story of Abraham Lincoln by Mary A. Hamilton

"For the first time, he saw negroes being scourged." The bullet passed right through his heart. Sometimes he did sums on the wooden shovel.
His huge arms closed round armstrong like a vise. "Springing to his feet, he poured out what was in his mind." Lincoln reading the emancipation proclamation to his cabinet.
Lincoln discussing the plan of campaign with General Grant.

Men Who Found America by Frederick W. Hutchinson

"Columbus was dressed in shining steel, with a beautiful red cloak, and he carried the red and yellow flag of Spain. " "The kind King Montezuma wanted peace, and said that he would give the Spaniards more gold if they would only go back to their own country. " "If you will let me go free, Pizarro, I will fill up this room with gold.' "
"It was Ferdinand de Soto who first found this great river, " Walter sprang forward and spread his handsome cloak on the muddy spot. Henry Hudson got many furs from the Indians and made them all his friends.
Champlain came back to the St. Lawrence River and began to build a little city called Quebec. "The Indians loved the brave Father Marquette, and called him their friend. "

Story of Columbus by Gladys M. Imlach

Map of Atlantic Ocean Columbus and his crew confess and take communion before sailing Columbus and his son Diego at the Gate of the Convent
Columbus addressing the mutineers Map of WestIndies Columbus naming the Island of San Salvador
Finding Navidad in ruins "We could have done that', said the Courtiers " Columbus sent to Spain in chains

Story of Raleigh by Margaret Duncan Kelly

Sir Walter Raleigh A sailor talked of the strange country where such birds lived One man against twenty
"Stepping gently on the cloak, she passed on " The King gave Raleigh a delicious pine-apple Raleigh gave the word to his men
Lady Raleigh went to plead with the King for mercy They started to row to the French ship

Stories from the Crusades by Janet H. Kelman

"Wherever the battle was hottest, Richard seemed to spring from the ground. " Peter set off with an unruly band of men. Bohemond led the way himself.
Peter held a lance-head high in the air. They knelt on the rocky track Barbarossa waits until his country needs him.
A wild and fierce race called Tartars Louis sprang into the water.

Story of Joan of Arc by Andrew Lang

Map of France Joan winning a children's foot-race Joan hanging garlands on the fairy oak
Joan kneeling to the King at Chinon Joan riding into Orleans under torchlight Joan fallen wounded under the walls of Paris
Joan taken at Compiegne Joan on the roof-leads of Beaurevoir Castle Joan facing her Judges

Story of Lord Clive by John Lang

"There he sat, perfectly happy and fearless " To Clive was given the command of the storming party Attacking the French guns at Kaveripak
An Irish deserter fired at Clive's head Water! water! the poor prisoners gasped "Clive on the roof, watching the battle of Plassey "
The Duke of Dorset fighting the Dutch fleet in the Hoogly One of the worst things Clive had to handle was a mutiny amongst the officers

Story of Captain Cook by John Lang

"Shouting their war-whoops, they dashed at him " Cook had taken great pains to make friends with the natives The Maoris at once attacked the nearest boat
Nearly a hundred icebergs were round the ship Walrus Hunting He staggered and fell

Stories from Greek History by Ethelwyn Lemon

Solon in the market-place. Thermopylae Themistocles and the Greek Captain
Pelopidas and Epimanondas Timoleon and the Eagles. Demosthenes in exile.
Alexander and Diogenes Alexander scales the walls with three men.

Stories of the Vikings by Mary Macgregor

The bright colored viking sails grew to be dreaded. The King's daughter ran into the courtyard to meet him as he returned from the chase. Slowly the mounds opened and fire and smoke leaped out.
"Carrying Prince Hakon in his arms, Hauk stepped before the King. " Short is the hour for acting and long the hour for feasting. Olaf struck their God Thor down from his seat.
He dreamed that his father Saint Olaf stood before him. Leif and his crew leaped out on to the beach.

Story of Napoleon by H. E. Marshall

Napoleon as a boy The little Corsican Napoleon at Lodi
Battle of the Pyramids Napoleon and the Pope The Maid of Saragossa
Retreat from Moscow Waterloo

Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret B. Pumphrey

Groups of Hollanders waved farewell to the Pilgrims Preparing for the journey The women and the children were all afraid of him
The women hurried to prepare breakfast for them

Buccaneers and Pirates by Frank R. Stockton

"In a small boat filled with some of his trusty men, he rowed quietly into the port " "Morgan began to upbraid them, and ordered them taken below " Two of the pirates went down into the hole

Biblical Images

Stories from the Old Testament by Louey Chisholm

"And Jacob said unto his father, 'I am Esau.' " And Sarah heard it in the tent door. And Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son.
He took of the stones of that place and put them for his pillows. "They said to one another, 'Behold this dreamer cometh.' " "And Joseph answered and said, 'This is the meaning thereof.' "
She laid it in the flags by the river's bank. And Moses turned and went down from the mount

Heros of Israel by Lawton B. Evans

Building of the Temple. The burning of Sodom. Joseph Drawn Up from the Pit.
Samson breaks his bonds as the enemies are upon him. David meets the boastful Goliath.

Stories from the Life of Christ by Janet H. Kelman

"They found Him in the temple sitting in the midst of the doctors, " "He entered into a ship, and taught them many things by parables. " "When He was now not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to Him. "
"He said unto her, 'Thy sins are forgiven'. " A certain Samaritan set him on his own beast "There stood by the cross of Jesus His mother, "
"She saith unto Him, ""Master!"" "

Legendary Images

Stories from the Iliad by Jeanie Lang

Into the sleeping heart of Helen there came remembrance. Many were the heroes who sailed away from Greece. "Achilles, fleetest of foot, and bravest of all Greek heroes. "
"Mars, like a thunder-cloud, swept upwards through the sky to Olympus. " Agamemmnon heard the soud of pipe and flute . . The point of the spear flew over the left shoulder of Patroclus.
The making of the arms of Achilles. The shadow of death came down upon Hector.

Stories from the Odyssey by Jeanie Lang

"And dream idle, happy day-dreams that never ended. " "'Never more wilt thou have thy sight,' " In one moment they were turned into swine.
In the meadow where the Sirens sat were the bones of the men they had slain. The nymph rose from the sea Nausicaa and her maidens brought him food and wine.
Telemachus knelt where the Odysseus looked down at the woods and the sea.

Gulliver's Travels by John Lang

Several of the King's guard ran in to seize the horse by the head. His arms and legs were tightly fastened to the ground. The troops marched through the great arch made by his legs.
Their majesties watched the roasts of beef and mutton disappear into Gulliver's mouth. Wading through the waves was an enormous man. Gulliver gave the rat a tremendous slash on the back.
Four dead wasps he cut down and stamped on till they were dead. The dog carried Gulliver to its master.

King Arthur's Knights by Mary Macgregor

Beside her stood her beautiful daughter Through woods and swamps Enid and Geraint rode in silence The Lily maid of Astolat
Sir Pelleas was always at his lady's side. "Sometimes the birds and beasts, his wooland friends, would call to him. " The Lady Lyonors
Sir Galahad Death of King Arthur

Stories from Ballads by Mary Macgregor

She was off and away to the lone plain of Carterhaugh. In earth or air I dwell as pleases me the beSt.' "'For twelve long years have I never been within the Holy Church, and I fear to enter now.' "
"'Drink,' she said gently, 'drink'. " Under the Eildon tree Thomas met the lady. "'Will ye come to the Highlands with me, Lizzie Lindsay?' "
'I go but to my lattice window to listen to the birds.' She stood at the hall door gazing wistfully after the young Laird of Logie.

Saint Christopher by Mary Macgregor

"Christopher shalt thou be named, because thou hast borne the Christ upon thy shoulders." When I see his sign I am sore afraid. He sent two beautiful women into the dungeon that they might try to persuade Christopher to worship their gods.

Stories from Dante by Mary Macgregor

A strange procession of Hypocrites Before them they bore a little cloud of exceeding For ever and for ever he must ply his bark from shore
He plunged into the gulf The poets had reached the lowest circle Brighter and yet more bright shone the Brid of God.
"'May she prosper thy ascent,' said the angel " They stood before the very throne of god

Stories from Pilgrim's Progress by Mary Macgregor

'Do you see yonder wicket-gate?' 'Bring hither the water and sprinkle the room.' They would take him to the armoury before he left them.
"At the town there was a fair kept, called Vanity Fair. " The owner of the Castle was Giant Despair. They were within sight of the City to which they went.
"The interpreter then called for a manservant of his, named Greatheart. " "They saw one man called Fool, and another called Want-wit, "

Stories of Siegfried by Mary Macgregor

Then Mimer saw the bear "'I will kill thee, for in truth thou art an ugly monster' " "Seizing the magic sword, he cut off their heads "
Knighted by the royal hand of Siegmund the King The heroes entered the streets of Worms The maiden hurled her spear
Siegfried bent low before the lady Kriemhild "While Siegfried drank of the clear, cool water, Hagen stabbed him "

Stories of Beowulf by H. E. Marshall

The warriors fared on over the blue sea Terrible was this ogre Grendel to look upon "Giving to each warrior, young and old, wine from the golden cup "
She bore him to the ground and kneeled upon his breast They carried with them the hideous head of Grendel The slave crept nearer and nearer to the glittering mass
Now he belched forth flaming fire He knew that his days of joy upon this earth were past

Stories of Guy of Warwick by H. E. Marshall

Sometimes he slept under the great trees. The duke cried out for mercy and owned himself beaten. Fierce was the fight.
"Fixing the dragon's head upon his spear, Guy rode away." It seeamed as if he would drink the river dry. "Thou seemest more fit to pray than to fight for us', said the king."
Poor men came every morning to the castle to receive food from the countess.

Stories of Robin Hood by H. E. Marshall

"Then, still bareheaded, he stood up and swore an oath " Bang! smash! their blows fell fast and thick as if they had been threshing corn "'I am Robin Hood,' replied he, throwing off his disguise and putting his horn to his lips"
"'No, my Lord Bishop,' said Robin, 'you cannot go yet' " Slowly they paced through the Green Wood "The Sheriff's wife, who presented him with the arrow "
"'Stand up again,' said the King " "'Thank you, dear friend, good-bye' "

Stories of Roland by H. E. Marshall

'May the Lord of all glory receive your souls.' "'I hate thee,' hissed Ganelon " Fiercely the hound grappled with the leopard
"Chernuble, Marsil's mighty champion " With all the strength left in his weary body he blew Stealthily he crept towards Roland
He saw that she was dead The people cursed him as he passed

Stories of William Tell by H. E. Marshall

"You desire a governor,' growled Albrecht" A gaily clad herald stepped out from the crowd The three raised their hands to heaven and solemnly spoke
'Ping!' went the bowstring As Tell leaped he gave the boat a backward push with his foot Tell's second arrow had found its mark
In a minute or two Joggeli's head appeared at the window 'There is a crown good enough for you'

Native Fairy Tales by Ethel L. McPherson

A great snake with five heads was close beside her. The daughter of the sword. Sitting with his head buried in his hands.
"Having mounted the ox, he rode out into the night."

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