Job Fair Manager Brief History

Employment facilitation is one of the core functions or services of the Department of Labor and Employment, for both local and overseas. It is one of the departmentís Major Goals and Strategies in enhancing the access of workers to employment opportunities through job search assistance for wage employment and capacity building services for livelihood and self-employment.

During the past 5 years (2010-2015), we saw or witnessed how we, the Department, our Employment Service Providers and other intermediaries overcome the difficulties, hence meaningful results produced.

With this, we strategize and harness modern technology to improve our delivery of service to the public and make it more efficient in terms of matching of job seekers and job vacancies.

Change Log

Version 1.2.0
Updated: October 2017
Improvement/ Enhancements:
  1. Core Database
    • Bug fixed on history handling for jobseekers
Released: 2017-10-20
Pilot Test: ZamPex 2017 JobFair - October 10, 2017

Version 1.1.0
Updated: April 2017
Improvement/ Enhancements:
  1. Employers Module
    • Added 'Qualified' on Interview Status panel.
  2. Partners Module
    • Bug fixed on the Referral transaction.
  3. Reports Module
    • Bug fixed Registration Form (Job Fair Monitoring) option
    • Bug fixed on the Job Fair Summary option
    • Bug fixed on the Periodic Updates option
    • Added Remarks column Job Fair Interview Result Form
    • Added Not Qualified Indicator on the Periodic Updates
  4. Verifier Module
    • Added Home link.
    • Added Activation button for inactive applicants on verification result list.
    • Added Register New button for 0 entry return on verification result.
    • Added a separate Occupation and Skills window when activating previously registered applicant.
    • Bug fixed on Activating previously registered applicant.
  5. Other improvements
    • Minor modification on Login UI.
Released: 2017-04-29
Pilot Test: 2017 Araw ng Paggawa, Western Mindanao State University Gymnasium, Zamboaga City, May 1, 2017

Version 1.0.3
Updated: February 2017
Improvement/ Enhancements:
  1. Job Seeker Module
    • Added a separate Occupation and Skills window when activating previously registered applicant.
    • Bug fixed on Adding Same applicant name but different person.
  2. Other improvements
    • Fixed Job Match function to align with the newly modified prefered occupation and skills table
  3. Core Database
    • Added two tables on the DBMS: Prefered Occupation and Prefered Skills
Released: 2017-02-23
Pilot Test: 22nd ZamboEcozone Aniversary, ZamboEcozone, Zamboaga City, February 23, 2017

Version 1.0.2
Updated: April 2016
Improvement/ Enhancements:
  1. Employer's Module
    • Added command on Applicant Listing to check for possible HOTS on other company.
    • Removed Referrals (Referred for Skills Training and Referred for Livelihood Assistance) from the Interviewed Status panel
    • Bug fixed on Listing search
    • Bug fixed on Transaction search
    • Bug fixed on Transaction Interview Status tagging
  2. Partner's Module
    • Added Referrals: Referred for Skills Training and Referred for Livelihood Assistance
  3. Reports Module
    • Added Job Fair Summary Report
    • Added List of Occupations and Number of Vacancies per Company
    • Enhanced HOTS and Near Hires/For Further Interview Reports
    • Bug fixed on Periodic Updates Report
  4. Job Seekers Registration
    • Added a note for the Checking of jobseeker's name before proceeding to save.
    • Enhanced the prompter, making it even more visible when checking jobseeker's name.
    • Bug fixed on Activating jobseeker's record.
  5. Mobile Module (Android browser)
    • Added job vacancy listing summary per company
    • Added User Accounts username and password retrieval
  6. Other improvements
    • Added a hide/show Job Fair Dashboard capability
    • Bug fixed on (ajax) search for jobseeker/employer functionality
    • Added Registered column in the Existing Job Seeker's listing list
    • Bug fixed on Existing Job Seeker's listing list height
    • Enhanced the Jobseekers, Employers and Partners registration form entry validation
    • Added verifier account/module - purposely to check jobseeker's pre-registration entry
  7. Core Database
    • Added jobfairid on jobseekers table
Released: 2016-05-01
Pilot Test: Labor Day Job Fair, ZamboEcozone, Zamboaga City, May 1, 2016

Version 1.0.1
Updated: February 2016
Improvement/ Enhancements:
  1. Settings Module
    • Bug fixed on the Import and Export feature.
  2. Employers Module
    • Added Job Seekers Listing per Participating Employer.
    • Bug fixed on Adding/Updating new vacancies.
  3. Partners Module
    • Added Total column for the total number of Job Seekers registered under specific partner.
  4. Job Seekers Registration
    • Bug Fixed on Saving Job Seekers entry: History and duplication of JobSeekerID.
    • Increased the number of years in the Date of Birth up to 65 years old.
    • Bug Fixed on Educational Attainment for Highschool level and Highschool graduate.
    • Re-arranged the command buttons (Save, Clear and Cancel)
    • Added a Saving Progress. A wait information, after hitting the save button in the JobSeekers Registration Form.
  5. Reports Module
    • Bug Fixed on Registration Form (Job Fair Monitoring)
    • Added a 'Group by Date' option in the Registration Form (Job Fair Monitoring).

      It can now be grouped by date, to see the number of Job Seekers registered per day, for Job Fairs exceeding 1 day period.

    • Added Job Vacancies List per Participaing Employer
    • Added Loading Progress before showing the report.
  6. Added the Creator Module (exclusive to developer or System Administrator and/or program focal person, accessible on mobile device only) to monitor the following:
    • List of Job Fairs
    • Summary Reports:
      1. Number of Vacancies per Participating Employer
      2. Number of Registered Job Seekers
      3. Number of Job Seekers participated in the Job Fair:
        • HOTS
        • Interviewed
        • Qualified
        • Referred
        • Not Qualified
        • No Participation
    • Easy generation of Unique Identification Number of Job Seekers (In the event of duplicates).
    • Easy Retrieval of Usernames and Passwords for Partners, Employers and Job Seekers.
    • Perform Search
Released: 2016-02-26
Pilot Test: Dia de Zamboanga Job Fair, Zamboaga City, February 26, 2016

Version 1.0.0
Developed: October to December 2015
Remarks: It is actually 5 years in the making.
Released: 2016-01-19
Pilot Test: ZamboEcozone Job Fair, Zamboanga City, January 19-21, 2016