Frequently Asked Questions

How are rates determined?

Our rates are very competitive for the area and the additional amenities provided.  The Basing rates for 1 – 6
guests allows us to keep our rates lower by only charging for the number of guests in your party.  The
additional $10 per guest beyond 6 guests goes for additional cleaning, supplies and utilities consumed by
the additional guests.  


We do not charge administration or booking fees to your rental. We are required to collect Georgia lodging
taxes (7%) and Fannin County lodging tax (5%).  We are required to charge tax on the cleaning fee.  

Damages to Property:

The rental contract specifies that any damages are the responsibility of the renters and will be charged after
departure.  It is best to call and inform us immediately if any damage occurs so we can come to a fair
agreement. A $200 deposit is required if not using a credit card for payment.  This is a true damage deposit
and will not be credited toward your stay.

If paying by check, the check for the deposit  will be returned within 2 weeks after your departure provided no
damage has occurred during your visit and all polices have been followed.

Loss of Deposit or Additional Charges:

We want you to have the best possible time during your visit.  Please contact us as soon as possible if any
damage has occurred.

All check-in and checkout procedures must be followed, and the property must be left clean and undamaged.
Failure to follow the posted check-in and checkout procedures may result in additional charges.  As per the
rental agreement, we reserve the right to bill for additional cleaning or repairs. Please review the information
guest book provided in the cabin and follow all procedures, rules, and precautions.    

It is ESSENTIAL that upon arrival you report any damages, or housekeeping issues immediately. After hours
contact  information will be provided when your reservation is confirmed.   

Our cabins are privately owned homes. The cabins are beautifully furnished and well maintained.  These
homes require a significant investment by the owner.   It is our mission to keep them this way.

NO PARTIES WILL BE ALLOWED.   Please remember that these are our homes.  Although all the cabins are  
private and provide seclusion, we know all our neighbors will promptly report any issues with Guests.  We
have a strict policy on occupancy.  Only registered guests are allowed on the property.  Visitors are not
allowed at any time.  There will be a $20 per night charge for each unauthorized guest.  

Hot Tubs:

Every cabin offers a hot tub.  They are drained and cleaned regularly.  We clean and chemically treat the
water to maintain water purity.  The hot tubs will be kept on 95 degrees.  100 degrees is a comfortable
temperature.  At times, we only have 4 hours between guest departure and arrival.  If a group is checking out
immediately before you check-in, the water temperature will be cool when you arrive.   

Cabin Amenities:

Each cabin offers a different amenities package.  Please review the amenities list on each cabin web page.
All cabins offer multiple TVs, DVD, stereo, pool table, video arcade machines and are equipped with satellite
TV.  Pay Per View movies cannot be ordered. This is blocked and we are not able to change it.  If for some
reason a movie can be viewed, charges plus a service fee will be charged to the Guest.  

Cabin Accessibility:

Our cabins are located less then three miles from  Blue Ridge off Bullen Gap RD which is paved.    You do
not need a 4x4 or SUV.  Proceed with caution and drive SLOWLY.  We are not responsible for damage to
your vehicle or trailer so exercise caution.    Please proceed with caution in and out of the cabin driveways.  
Do not attempt to enter the driveways if ice, snow or sleet occurs.  Allow amble room to make turns in all
driveways to avoid damage to your vehicles.  Please exercise caution at all times!

What should you bring?

  • Cooler
  • Liquor is not available for sale in Fannin County; alcohol sales of any kind are not permitted on
    Sundays; beer and wine are available in grocery stores M through Sat.  Some restaurants serve liquor,
    beer and wine.  
  • Sodas, bottled water (cabins are all on a water filter system)
  • Food
  • Jackets, gloves, caps, etc. (winter wear)
  • Picnic blanket, vinyl tablecloth, towels, swimsuits or other water activity wear or gear (including old
    sneakers or foot wear for tubing, whitewater rafting, etc.)
  • Backpack
  • Firewood and fire starter for indoor or outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.  Wood is available at any of the
    grocery or home improvement stores.  
  • Hiking boots, socks
  • Jeans, hat
  • Fishing poles/tackle (May be  available for rent downtown).
  • Camera/batteries/film
  • Calling card for outgoing long distance calls
  • Insect Repellent(very important in summer)

We provide linens for each registered guest, initial supply of paper products and fully equipped kitchens plus
hair dryers, soaps, shampoos and conditioners.


Remember, we are located in the  mountains of North Georgia. You may encounter wildlife (deer, bears,
raccoons, foxes, bob cats, possums, wood chucks, wild boar, snakes and bugs of various types, including
wasps and/or hornets, scorpions, etc…).   Wildlife can be beautiful but only when viewed from a distance.  
Please use common sense.   We want you to be able to tell your story when you get home.  We don’t want
you to  end up on the local news!  

Pest Control:

All of the cabins receive monthly pest control. However, the cabins are located in the woods, so you may see
pests of different times around the property.

Winter is Asian Beetle season in the North Georgia mountains. Everything possible will be done to reduce the
ladybug population in and around the property, however, during your winter stay you will most likely see
ladybugs in or around the cabin. Please know that this is just a sign of the season in higher elevations. (They
do not bite or sting.)

Scorpion’s are in the North Georgia Mountains and occasionally appear inside a cabin.  They may sting  if
provoked.  As a precaution keep all drains closed in bathtubs and sinks.  

Grocery Stores:

There are 2 full grocery stores here in  Blue Ridge (Food Lion & Ingle's) where you should be able to find
anything you need. These stores sell beer & wine (Mon-Sat).  Ingles is the largest store and has a
Starbucks.  The store is located on the North side of Blue Ridge as you are leaving town.  Take a LEFT when
turning off Bullen Gap Road onto Hwy 76/515.  Continue northeast towards Blairesville.  Go to the fifth stop
light and take a left by the Taco Bell.  

Food Line is located just off 515 also.  To get to Food Lion, go to the 4th stop light and take a right by the
KFC. Food Lion is to the left behind the Checkers fast-food restaurant.  

You can also purchase wood for the wood burning  fireplaces and materials to light the fire at either store.  
We recommend pre-engineered logs.  


REMINDER: You can purchase beer & wine (Mon-Sat) at the grocery stores and a few novelty shops down

Restaurants in town serve liquor, beer and wine.  You can purchase liquor/spirits in Ellijay on your way to
Blue Ridge.   When coming into East Ellijay heading North on 515, pass the shopping development with the
Lowes and Wal-Mart, take a left at the stop light by  the McDonald’s.  Hilltop Package store is at the top of
the hill and has everything you could want.   If in doubt, bring it with you.  


Each cabin has a wood burning fireplace and each cabin has an outdoor fire pit or fireplace.  Firewood is not
provided.  Firewood can be purchased at various locations like Home Depot or grocery stores.  

We recommend that you bring  "fire starters" and a lighter.   

ABSOLUTELY NO LIQUID ACCELERANT IS ALLOWED!   These are very dangerous (to you and our

The gas fireplaces at all cabins have instructions on how to light  the fire if the pilot is out.

How do I  make a reservation?

Please call 1 877 376 5032 or request your dates via our on-line reservation page request form.  Please call
or email if you are using a check.  The “Reservation Request Form” requires that you enter credit card
information before it can be submitted.  

We are happy to, and prefer, to speak with you directly so please do not hesitate to call us to finalize your
reservation.  We are available most any reasonable time.  We will charge the full amount of your rental to
your credit card if less then 30 days before your arrival.  Please call us if you are reserving far in advance.  
We will charge $336 ($300 + 12% tax) of the total rental to reserve the cabin if booking more than 30 days
before arrival which will secure your reservation with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival.   

The person booking the cabin must be at least 25 years old and must be either the person, or spouse of the
person, whose name appears on the credit card provided.

Please note: We use HomeAway reservation Manager system.  Wewill email you a payment request to make
your payment online and accept our agreement terms.  .

Payment of rental charges:

We accept Visa, Master Card and  Discover.  

We take e-Checks.  You may pay your amount due by check electronically provided we receive it at least 14
days prior to check-in.

Rental Rates:

Rates for each cabin will be listed on the website reservation page.
All rates are based on 1-6 guests. Please add $10 per night for each additional guest.  
Please make sure to check the maximum number of guests allowed per cabin.  

Sofa Sleepers:  Each cabin has 2-3 sofa sleepers.  Sofas sleepers are setup based on the total number of
guests.  One sleeper is set up for 8 guests. Two sleepers are setup for 10 guests.  Three sleepers are setup
for 12 guests.  A $20 fee is charged per night, per sleeper if a sleepers is required for individuals when the
$10 per guest fee has not been not charged.  For example, if the total guest party is 6 and there is a request
for 3- bedrooms plus 2 sofa sleepers for individuals, there is a $40 per night charge.  



Each cabin listed on our site is a privately owned home, consequently cancellations affect the owners

All cancellations must be provided in writing via e-mail, fax or certified mail.

  • (30) or more days cancellation notice in writing is required prior to arrival date – ALL RENTAL MONEY
    Refunded less $25.00 + tax cancellation fee.
  • Less than (30) days, but at least 14 days cancellation notice in writing prior to arrival date - ALL
    RENTAL MONEY, less ($100.00 + tax) will be refunded
  • Less than (14) days, but at least (7) days cancellation notice in writing prior to arrival date – ALL
    RENTAL MONEY, less $200.00 + tax will be refunded.  
  • Less than (7) days cancellation notice in writing prior to arrival date – ALL RENTAL MONEY (including
    Security Deposit) will be forfeited.   


Check-in is at 3:00 PM.  Due to last minute bookings and the frequency in which customers choose to extend
their stay we can not commit to allowing an early check-in.  

Please feel free to check with us on the day arrival and we will be happy to accommodate you if the cabin is

We use a key-less entry  system.  The entry code is pre-programed each time for new rentals.  We use a
code that you will be familiar.  Our property manager lives in the area and is available if you have any issues
getting into the cabins.  

Check-out is at 11:00 AM.  It is our mission to provide the cleanest cabins possible so that you will come back
again and again. This 4 hour window allows just enough time for the cabin to be cleaned and for the hot tub
to be drained, sanitized and refilled between guests.

Pets are not allowed.

No Smoking:

We have a strict no smoking policy in all of our cabins!

Smoking is allowed outside on the porches and decks. Please, do not dispose of cigarette butts in the yard
or surrounding areas. If discarded butts are found, additional cleaning fees will apply.(Please do not
disregard these policies as it will result in the loss of your deposit or charges to your credit card.)
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