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Red Hot Poker -  Torch Lilly Plants Bulbs For Sale   
           Kniphofia uvaria
                       "Pretty As You Please".

The stately flowers of the Red Hot Poker Torch Lily provide a dramatic display
plant in a be with out Red Hot Poker plants.  Red Hot Poker is an unusual perennial
that is very easy to grow.

These are truly the "Queen of No Care Plants" that will  capture everyone's
attention. So be sure and make the Red Hot Poker a part of your landscaping for
you home or office area or plant them near your
Asparagus Roots Crowns For Sale.

The Red Hot Poker  is an upright evergreen perennial with a root bulb of clumping
habit. Attractive sword-shaped leaves surround the base of a tall stem upon which
red, yellow or orange tubular flowers droop down like a torch. The Red Hot Poker
make great garden companions with Asparagus roots and crowns for sale,
Horseradish and
Raspberry Plants for sale.

Kinphofia also known as Red Hot Poker will add bright shades of orange and red
blooms to your  
Asparagus garden. Very tall growth anywhere from 3 to 4 feet tall.
Great for borders or as cut flowers and for that tropical feel. Blooms for weeks

Well for me time is money and time not spent having to coddle flowers  and plants is
the more time I can spend with my family. The Red Hot Pokers are not only the  most
eye catching flower plant around but they require no care.

Just plant and provide a
 little water and that is truly all they need. They will produce
an abundant amount of flowers all season from early Spring till frost. Furthermore
they can stay right in the ground all winter. Just mulch and use some
compost tea No
need to dig these up.
The showy spiked flower stalks will reach 2 - 5 feet tall. They will bloom from May -
Oct.  The Red Hot Pokers are hardy in zones 5 - 10.
So neither the heat nor the cold will cause and issue with them returning every

It flowers from the bottom upward, and the bright orange flowers fade to yellowish
green as they sense, resulting in a two toned spike with orange flowers at the top and
yellowish ones below.
Plant Red Hot Pokes in clusters for
a very dramatic look.
Plant Red Hot Pokers in a cluster and enjoy
a gorgeous display.
Red Hot Pokers For Sale make Long
colorful flowers in tubular shape.
Red Hot Poker Plants For Sale make
flowers On a Thick Stem.
Pokers like sandy loam soil that drains well with a pH close to 6.0 - 6.7. They will also
grow just fine in clay or poor soil. But if you want the best showy flowers and ones
that will continuously bloom all season, then remove any large rocks and some of  
clay if you have clay soil. Then mix in
old compost, a little peat moss, some all
purpose flower plant fertilizer.

Prepare the soil down to about 10 inches. Mix everything together well. If you like
throwing some fertilizer in the bottom of the hole that is fine. Just cover the fertilizer
with about 2 inches of soil. Do not place the roots right on top of the fertilizer.

The Red Hot Pokers like full sun. So locate a spot that will have at least 6 - 8 hours a
day. Split sun will work to.

Poker plants can be divided in the fall for new plants. Do not bury the crown of the
plant any deeper than 3 inches. 3-4" deep and 18-24" apart Water new plants
thoroughly and cover with a liberal amount of mulch.

Fertilize  with all purpose plant food about every 4 months. Cover with mulch  and
compost tea to protect from the winter. Cut spent flowers off to produce an on
going blooming season. Cut foliage off only after plant has dried and gone dormant
for the winter. Don't cut foliage off before that time as the leaves capture energy and
make essential nutrients and send it to the root. So even if the leaves look brown
and dried wait till close to winter to remove them.

Hummingbirds love them and they are excellent for cutting. Tie foliage together in
fall where winter temperatures drop below 0° F. Flowers the first year when started
early. Plants are deer and rabbit resistant; heat tolerant.
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