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Gardening Asparagus How To Plant Asparagus Crowns Roots
All about Asparagus Plants, Ordering, Growing, Planting, Asparagus
Varieties Organic Heirloom, Jersey Knight,  Giant and Supreme.
Order Asparagus Farm Store Plants For Sale Order Form. Asparagus plants for sale, Elephant  Garlic,
Walking Onions, Horseradish, Ordering Asparagus Farm organic crowns roots plants.
How To Grow  Elephant  and Wild Garlic. Fast Easy and Fun To Grow.
Wild Garlic is Harvested from the woods each Fall and early Spring.
Where to buy Garlic online at the
Asparagus Farm Store. Elephant Garlic
planting instructions. Harvesting Garlic takes about 8 months for Jumbo -
Wild and Elephant  Garlic.
Black Raspberry Plants varieties . Raspberry Plant  are easy to grow no  
maintenance Raspberry Plants For Sale. Produces 3 bountiful harvests
from June till August. Plant Raspberries and be ready for the best tasting
fruit ever. Where to plant Black Raspberry Plant in many varieties.
How to Grow White Asparagus. White Asparagus is easy to  do.
Blackberry Fruit Plants  For Sale. We have the Famous Heirloom
Blackberry Plant from the Cumberland Plateau. Also Domestic Blackberry.
The Raspberry Plant stand upright,.They are not ground vines.
Egyptian Walking Onion Plants For Sale. These are also a lot of fun to
grow in your garden or in pots on your patio. Walking Onions.

Strawberry Fruit Plants/Roots  Crowns For Sale. We grow the Famous Ever
bearing Strawberry Plants  from the Cumberland Plateau. Strawberry plants for
sale  are organic and produce many plump sweet  berries all season long.
Strawberry plant for sale  are easy to grow. The
"key" is give organic plant
food and Strawberry Tea. Buy
Everbearing Strawberry Plant for sale online.
Elephant Garlic Plants corms and cloves are easy to grow and available as
live plants or large cloves. How to grow garlic. Protect your garden plant
garlic in between your plants. Bugs and rodents don't like garlic. Garlic
gives off sulphur into the air insects and rodent can not tolerant the smell.
Elephant Garlic Cloves - Wild Garlic -  Jumbo Garlic - Plants For Sale
Garlic Cloves Bulbs - Plants -  Corms For Sale  Buy Online at the Farm Store
Buy online Asparagus Plants - Buy Asparagus plants 2 - 3  yrs old. Buy Asparagus
Crowns Buy Asparagus Gardener/Farm Asparagus. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Jersey Supreme  5 varieties  of Asparagus Plants Roots and Crowns
Learn about Growing Asparagus.  Asparagus are easy to grow and
low maintenance plants/roots/crowns.
How To  Grow Asparagus  From the Asparagus Farm Store
Learn about how to plant asparagus root crown for sale. Asparagus
planting. Fast - Easy  and Simple.
asparagusroots 3 year
Asparagus Plants Roots 3 Year For Sale:
Grow  Globe Artichokes in any Zone. Fast Easy -  Delicious!!
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Hello  Gardeners:
I have been around for years. Unfortunately most clay pots have been
retired now. Perhaps you are still using clay pots for gardening.

Stop by and see what's making gardening even more delightful.
"Look there's my good friend  Albert and  his World's Smallest
Tomato and World's Largest "Tomato Plants".

Annie Clay Pots
best to all garden have a great growing season plant plenty can for when there is none.
Asparagus Garden Tea   -  Asparagus Plant Food - Comfrey Tea For Plants  
Once Asparagus Are Planted And Fed, The Asparagus Plants Are Ready To Start     
Producing For You.
The "key" to growing Asparagus.
Asparagus 3 Year Roots For Sale
*** Now Taking Orders For  - Spring 2019  Planting
Wild Ramps A  Must Have Garden Plant. How to plant  Wild Ramps
No care just plant and watch grow.  Buy Wild Ramps online.
Fast Easy No Care Plant
Gardeners for years  have used the all natural organic Comfry Tea Compost. We grow
the Comfry. Comfry is a plant that contains all  the minerals  for all garden plants and
veggies to keep health. Keep your plants healthy starts with good food -
Comfry Tea.
Make tea for  people as well for your plants.  Comfry Tea has all the hard to get
minerals and vitamins. Years ago Travels would carry Comfry in their pocket and
eat it as they traveled to ward off diseases that they would come in contact with.
Still works today.
Keep your garden health give Comfrey Tea or grow the plant.
Tomato Plants How To Grow Fast Easy No Care Plant Produces Plentiful all
Welcome To The Asparagus Farm Store -   Buy On line Store
Shop at the Asparagus Farm Store. Fast easy . Buy online 3 Yr Asparagus root crowns.
Fiddle Head Ferns  - Easy to Grow Edible Fern Gourmet Chef's Delight
Fiddle head ferns buy online plant roots for sale. Fast Easy No Care
Plant Produces Plentiful all season. Find Fiddle head Ferns at the
Asparagus Gardener Farm Store.
Culinary Herbs -  Medicinal Herbs

*  Rose Mary       *   Lavender                 *  Basil Thai               * Basil Globe Miniature

*  White Sage      *  Sweet Mace             *  Lovage                   * Thyme     

*  Espozote           *  Borage                    *  Black Cumin          *  Greek Oregano     

*  Turmeric           *  Pennyroyal               *  St John's Wort      *  Flax   

       Borage                                 Hops                         Cilantro
horseradish a no care garden delight
orka slow to grow delicious to eat easy to garden
red hot [oker plant and roots buy plenty a showcase plant
Raspberry plant are easy to gardem do not get the rambling kind they crawl all over the ground.
garlic gardening great fun but smelling at harvest time
asparagus 3 year roots crowns plant and pick same season
asparagus gardening fast easy care free
growing asparagus sandy loam soil
everbearing strawberry plant and grow many harvest all season
fiddlehead fern plant filtered sun light no care garden delight
asparagus roots roots for sale buy asparagus asparagus articles
suchokes harvest in the fall
sunchokes tubers plant or eat.
fiddlehead ferns harvest when curled tight
wild ramps do not like being fussed over
walking onions a must have easy to garden onion
Medium size Garlic  cloves bulbs plant will  work well  for culinary purposes
as well as a deterrent for garden pest including rabbits and squirrels. Buy  
Elephant Garlic online.
Grow Asparagus Roots Crowns For Sale in
container or directly to your garden.
asparagus gardener planting 3 year asparagus roots
buy the wolrds unique tomsto plants
Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight ,  Jersey King and Heirloom all organic.
5 Easy Steps:
1.  Selection a
location for the Asparagus Crowns
2.  Preparing Your Garden for Asparagus plants.
3.  Making The Asparagus Trench
4.  Planting Asparagus Crown - Roots
5.  Watering  - Asparagus
Garden Tea
6. Harvest plenty pickle all that you can not freeze.
Asparagus and Chicken Pasta Recipe
Peking Style Asparagus Recipe
Another way to make White Asparagus is to mound up the soil around the
spears. As the spears grow tall they will remain White Asparagus as long
as they are covered with soil.
There are no Asparagus roots that produce White Asparagus spears.
White spears are made by blocking the sun which in turn stops the plants
from making chlorophyll which makes them green. White Asparagus can
be prickled, stir fried, steamed or bread. Just cook them up the way you
A much faster and easier way to make White Asparagus would be to
place a tub or other object over the spears to make White Asparagus.
Why Plant Comfry?
What Is Comfry?
The benefits  from growing Comfry has kept it as a long time gardening
favorite.   Comfry is important  as it  contains allantoin and essential
minerals and are not found all in the same plant. Makes great plant food
and Tea for people.
The are edible Fiddle Head Ferns. If you like Asparagus you  
will love  these Fiddle Head Ferns
How to Plant Fiddle Head Ferns. Plant Fiddle Heads for sale   in
soil that has
organic matter. These make great plants for shaded
areas. Harvest fiddle heads when they first appear.
Plant Fiddle Head Ferns along your walk way or along a tree line.
Fiddlehead ferns  like filtered sun light. All in all they are so care
free and require just a moderate watering. Where to buy Fiddle
head ferns.
Buy Fiddle head ferns online and enjoy.
Wild Leeks, better known as Ramps, are a delicious edible plant with long
stems and broad leaves that  have a mild
garlic-onion flavor. Amazing Wild
Ramp flavor a Chef's delight.

Wild Ramps grow in large numbers natural lying the mountainous areas of
the eastern United States. An early bloomer, ramps have been historically
used by hill-folk as a staple of their diet, and were usually the first available
greens that could be consumed after a long winter.
Buy Wild Ramps online.
Egyptian Walking Onions (Allium proliferum)  Plant Bulbs Roots for sale
Tree Onions, Egyptian Tree Onions, Top Onions, Winter Onions, or
Perennial Onions.
Where's The Heart In The Globe Artichoke ?
There are a couple of thorns at the top of the main bud. These can be clipped
off when you harvest the artichokes from the plant.
How To Plant Artichoke:
Plant Globe Artichoke plant for sale in the trench up to the first set of
leaves. Go about 4 feet and plant the next Artichoke Plant. After you have
the Artichoke Globe  all in the trench give the Artichokes a nice drink of the
Garden Tea. Here's the Link to the right.
Jerusalem Artichoke Sunchoke are hardy perennial tuber that can grow
5 - 10 feet  tall. Producing tubers that are light brown and bumpy on the
outside and white. Big yellow flowers that bloom all season. For better
harvest leave the flowers on all season and let them die back before
harvest after 2nd frost.  
Grow Comfry Plants Roots gorgeous fast and
easy to grow perennial.
Okra plants are a bright and decorative addition to any asparagus garden.
Okra are a member of the mallow family and related to hibiscus and
hollyhock family. Okra flowers look like the blooms of a hibiscus. Okra plants
for sale have a large pale yellow flowers, that attract pollinators.
Okra plant for sale will grow 3 - 5 feet tall. First it will make stems and leaves
followed by yellow blossoms followed by  light yellow and dark burgundy
colored flowers. The pods follow after the flowers bloom.

A 15 foot row of  Okra plants in flower and the edible portion or pod, makes
an attractive hedge that grows from 3 to 5 feet tall. Or plant several Okra
plants  as a background among annual flowering plants. Recent research
shows that Okra plants are  beneficial for cancer prevention.
If your garden space  is plentiful then plant  the Strawberry plants directly to your  soil or
make a raised bed. Plant
Garlic and Pennyroyal in and around your Strawberry Plants and
keep out those garden pests.

How To Plant Strawberry Plant For Sale:
If you  garden space is limited there are several choices for growing Strawberry plants. For
example, plant Everbearing Strawberry plants in a container or hanging basket.
Tomato gardening is fun and  rewarding with plenty of great harvests all
season. Tomato gardening is very popular because tomato plant are easy to
grow  and tolerate a wide range  of soils. How to grow Tomato Plant.
Tomato Plants On line.

Plus, Tomato plants are very versatile and there are many tomato plant  
varieties to choose from. Check out the growing list of Heirloom and hybrid
bush and vine tomato plants for sale below.  
red raspberry plants for sale
yellow raspberry plants plant shallow buy many sweet juicy
purple raspberry plant roots and plants for sale.
Planting Raspberry Plants should take no more than 15 minutes. Open
up the box and take the Raspberry Plants For Sale out. Give them a
small drink of water that has been at room temperature. Let them sit in
a partial sunny but shaded area for a few hours. Then go a head and
plant the raspberry plants for sale in your garden.
Feed Raspberry
Plant Food. Buy Raspberry Plant online at the Asparagus Farm Store.  
Just plant Red Hot Pokers and provide a  little water and that is truly all they
need. Red Hot Poler plants will produce an abundant amount of flowers all
season from early Spring till frost. Furthermore Red Hot Pokers plants for sale
can stay right in the ground all winter. Just mulch and use some
compost tea
. No need to dig these up the Red Hot Poker plant.

The Red Hot Pokers are hardy in zones 5 - 10.
So neither the heat nor the cold will cause and issue with them returning
every season. They are a home for butterflies and bees. Plant Red Hot Pokers
and enjoy the delight of watching the Butterflies hubber around the flowers.
Erect Blackberries plants  have stiff canes that are upright and arching. The
Blackberry plant  can be trellised or grown in the landscape as a hedge or
shrub and don't flop to the ground. How to plant Blackberry Plants. How to
plant Blackberry Plants. Plant shallow keep moist till new growth appears.

Raspberry Plant Food and mix handful into the soil. Use Raspberry Tea
as well in place of watering. The Raspberry Plant Food and Tea are all organic
use as often as you like. Raspberry Tea and Food are all organic therefore no
chemical build up in your soil.
Walking Onions also make bulbils on the stems that  are just right size for
pickling , canning or just eating. Where to buy Egyptian Walking Onions .
Egyptian Walking Onions on line.
herb plant grow in container or out to you garden
Plant Herbs for your health
and enjoy a culinary delight.
Rhubarb is a very unique popular home grown vegetable (a leaf stalk)
that is most often used in desserts or steamed.

That's right Rhubarb is a vegetable not a fruit. Rhubarb is  cultivated for
its delicious, pink or green  stems. It is very hardy, frost resistant and
appears in the garden every year starting in spring.

Rhubarb flavor is  tart, its fresh flavor is sought after by cooks looking for
something special to make into pie and other desserts taste unique.
rhubard grow roots and plants makes show case buy several
grape vines roots buy several last for year. Plant several varieties.
Grapes are easy to grow in any climate or type of soil that drains well.
Grapes vines have been an America Garden Tradition for many years.
Grapes are referred to as the "queen of the fruit plants". And here is the
reason why.

Grapes are a "no care" garden plant. Plant in  soil that does not have too
much fertilizer nor compost. Put up a trellis or plant along a fence line. A little
water and that is all it takes to have your own vineyard.
Plant  2 year old Grape vines early  Spring and harvest grapes late summer.
Concord grapes make excellent table grapes as well as grapes for making
grape juice or wine. Click on the page to the right and find out the role
Grapes have in cancer prevention and cure.

In sun, there is a win win results with planting grapes in any variety. All
varieties have great results.
"I planted 2 year old Concord
Grapevines this Spring . It is now
Fall and I am harvesting grapes.
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Plant 3 Yr Asparagus Roots and Enjoy
Years of Great Harvest.
turmeric tuber eat plenty garden many slow to sprout fast to grow
tennesse tom tomato plant for growing gardening
Back By Popular Demand!!
World's Biggest Tomato -  World's Smallest Tomato

Tomato plants for sale are fun and very rewarding part of
any garden. Tomato plants for sale provide a continuous
harvest all season.  Also Tomato gardening is very
rewarding as tomato plants are easy to grow and
tolerate a wide range of

There are many varieties to choose from. We specialized in
the World's Smallest Tomato and the World's Biggest
Tomato .

Gardeners love the flavor and so by popular demand we will
have many ready for your garden early Spring. Tomato
delightful part about planting Tomato Plants harvest your
own tomatoes in 90 days or less.
Gardening  Tomato Plants
signet marigolds sweet colorful easy to grow
marigolds deter garden pests all season
Marigolds have a stinky smell that rodents and rabbits do not
like.   Marigolds can be planted in and around your garden to
keep out unwanted insects and rodents. Plant in full sun or
partial either way will be fine.

Water moderately and they will bloom from early Spring till
Fall. Feed the Marigolds keep garden pest at bay.  Marigolds
make great container plants as well. Plant shallow and give
Asparagus  Plant Food to keep them smelly and blooming. Be
the first to have a non bug and rodent garden.
The edible Signet  Marigolds are a great addition to salads,  or a garnish  
on you favorite ice cream  or icing decorations for pastries. Great flavor
easy to grow "must have" garden delight. Marigolds are a family plant
meaning they like to be planted closer together about 4 inches a part.

These edible Marigolds do not smell and will not as a bugs deterrent.
They are for joying  as an edible delight. Plant them in containers or
directly to your garden and watch them bloom all season. These are
prolific blooms. To keep them going all season feed them once a month.
Side dress with Asparagus Plant Food or Asparagus Tea either way  be
sure and feed them.
Artichoke green globe plants best to grow
comfrey the travlers plant
asparagus 3 year roots for sale,  asparagus crowns for sale, Asparagus root farm, asparagus plants,  asparagus crowns
organic plants,
asparagus farm,  buy online  3 year old farm asparagus roots, grow  jersey farm asparagus, order jersey farm asparagus
crowns  for sale
planting asparagus crowns
asparagus plant food just add water
asparagus garden pest plant garlic they dont like the smell
Asparagus is  "must have garden delight". First Asparagus returns every year and if
fed Asparagus Plant Food and Tea. Asparagus will provide you with a great harvest for
many years to come
asparagus recipes
white asparagus is made from green asparagus just block the sun
Globe Artichokes like morning sun afternoon shade. Easy on the
watering. And give
Asparagus Tea once a month. Soil should have
organic matter and proper pH.
horseradish root hot orginal chez variety
Asparagus last 15 - 20 years. Plant different varieties
The Jersey varieties are hybrids while the Heirloom are all natural. All
are organic as possible. Chose a variety of Asparagus by the type of
spears you like to eat.

Jersey Knight - makes thin slender spears. Jersey Giant makes short
thick spears. Jersey Supreme and Heirloom makes average size
spears.  All Asparagus Taste the same and grow the same. The "key" to
growing Asparagus is the soil. Asparagus like a sandy loam soil that
drains well.
Horseradish plants roots/crowns for sale. Where to buy Horseradish Plants
are easy to grow  and a great addition to any garden. Buy Horseradish on
line.  Excellent for maintaining our good health. How to grow Horseradish
plants / roots and crowns  for sale. Plant in a sandy loam soil that has lots
of organic matter - leaf mulch is great. Plant at 45 degree angle. Cover with
about 3 inches of soil. Moderate watering Over watering will cause root rot.

How to plant  organic Horseradish plants. Horseradish makes a great
garden plant as well as a container plant. A container will dry out faster
than planted in a garden. It is important to water a little more. Feed the
Asparagus Plant Food and Tea as the Horseradish love the
organic ingredients.
Comfry Plants are high in vitamin A,  C and B - 12. Rich in silicon, calcium,
potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and more. Very high food value for
animals and can be made into an  
organic plant food and  works well in the
healing. Comfry makes a "grand" container plant. As it grows out of one
container just lift out and have the other container ready filled with a sandy
loam soil  that has extra peat moss and sand. Do not over water. Actually
rain water is plenty. Comfr
ey makes wonderful house plant as well.
I am a school nurse. About 6 yrs ago I was diagnosis with arthritis.
Arthritis has no age barrier. It is a disease of the young as well as the
elderly. I  have tried many medications and  have become wore out with all
of them. A long time farmer  shared with me his story about Turmeric. I am
so ever grateful.

And from his story
, turmeric was the beginning of my experience with a
better way of life in managing my arthritis.   I eat about a nub off a root a
day. And  I also  make tea with Turmeric. Sometimes  I cook with  Turmeric
adding a little in each recipe . I  boil the Turmeric and even eat it raw. The
raw part was the hard part. But the relief I was getting from the Turmeric out
weighed the bitter sharp taste of the Turmeric root.

I could of just bought Turmeric at the store. But wanted fresh organic
Turmeric  from my garden. The "key" to growing Turmeric is filter sunlight
easy on the watering. Harvest after all the leaves have turn brown and
Whoops!! There he goes. The Garlic got him
on the run.
pennyroyal mint plant buy many and keep those mosquitoes at bay
Pennyroyal is the smallest of the mint plants. The leaves are tiny yet
strong and very aromatic. The smell is pleasing to pets as well as people.
Insects and garden pest do not like the smell. Plant Pennyroyal in a
hanging container and keep those summer flies off your patio.

Also take some sprigs and tie them together in a bunch and put under your
pets collar. Pennyroyal will keep fleas and flies off your animals in an
organic non chemical way. Rover will thank you for the relief from those
annoying pests.

Pennyroyal is a "must have" no care easy garden or patio plant to grow.
Full sun, a sandy loam soil that drains well is all it takes to have this
producing for you all season.
$10.00 Off All Mail In Orders Over $100.00
buy abd garden easy to gow sweet fall orange
yellow bright bolf plant for your garden
buy several mum plant and landscape your walk way
whit crysanthemum for gardeing
red best fall growing plant
crysanthemum  plant roots buy plenty great fall color
Sun  Yellow  Mum
White Mum
Belgium  Violet
Plant Mums  early Spring and enjoy a show case of color early Fall.
luffa fast to grow fast to garden harvest when small
luffa squash luffa sponge
garlic keeps pests out of your garden buy plenty fast to grow
buy purple crysanthemum plant
You've likely heard of a Luffa sponge and may even have one in your shower, but
did you know you can also try your hand at growing Luffa plants?
Lovage  plants and roots will grow to  5.9 – 8.2 ft tall . Lovage herb plant bears a  
lacy thick green foliage. Its dark green leaves resemble cilantro, while the stalks
resemble celery. The herb is sweeter and  stronger than celery. Keep your
Lovage healthy and happy feed
Andy's Organic Plant Food and Tea.  

A garden delight. Returns early Spring. A no care
easy to grow in all soils.
Oh Oh The Flavor!!
loveage plants roots replace celery more sweet easy gardening
Lovage a cros of  flavors ciantro, anisine, celery .
order your asaragus roots online fast and easy
mail in your asparagus order and save
Old Man Winter can tell you a lot about where to plant your garden. Read the Blog
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