Frequently   Asked   Questions!!
4.   How Many Asparagus Crowns Should I Buy and  Plant?
The minimum that can be ordered is 25 -  Asparagus root/crowns.
Why, it takes about 15 Asparagus spears to make a meal. Not all Asparagus spears are ready to   
pick at the same time. Follow the chart below:

15 -- One person ,    25 -- Two People ,  50 --  3 People ,  75 - Family Garden
5.    How Do I Figure Out How Much Space I Will Need In My Garden ?
I  Want To Buy and Plant 25 Asparagus Root / Crowns ?
For easy figuring. . . Plant roots 14 inches a part and 1-2 feet between each row.
1 - 2 Feet Between The Rows
7.    I Placed A Pre - order Actually It Is Called A "Save Me Some Order" How Will I Be Contacted
For Shipping?

We are bound by the weather and we ship at your correct planting zone.
So Save Me Some Asparagus Plants and Buy the Asparagus Plants for  Fall or Spring Planting.

6.   How Far Down Should I Till My Soil For My Asparagus Roots Crowns?

Till or Hoe Down into your soil about 18 inches. Asparagus roots grow down into the soil and   will need  
good   soil to grow into.  So till up the soil and add good aged compost.
You can't go wrong with 2  or 3 yr old Asparagus Roots so Buy Asparagus Buy Asparagus Gardener .com
8.   My Asparagus Roots Crowns Where Easy To Plant and Are
Now 5 Feet Tall But They Keep Falling Over What Should I Do?

Please do not dig them up and plant them deeper. Not a good idea as you could enter a viruses or   
disease to the soil   and roots. Just place  a couple shovels of soil around the base of the plant till   
they can stand on their own.

9.   I Want To Use My Soaker Hose On My Asparagus. Is This A Good Idea?

Any thing that can save time is a good idea. However, too much water will cause the root to rot.   
Asparagus can take a drought better then they can handle too much water.  
Water moderately
twice a week.

Yes , Asparagus crowns and roots can be planted in Feb in South Texas. However, our Asparagus Farm is
located in Tennessee on top of a mountain. We have a very mild winter yet we must be sure that the frost is   
over with before we dig the roots out of the soil. We have  shipped many Asparagus roots crowns to Texas   
Gardeners for years.
 Texas Gardeners plant  Asparagus at the end of March and have  huge successful       
Asparagus beds.  The "key" to a successful Asparagus Garden  is not so much if the Asparagus are planted in
Feb or if planted 4 weeks  later in March. Planting time does not make a difference. What does matter is the
type of
 "soil" and moderate  "watering".

We encourage everyone to fill up their shipping box. We are very skilled at packing and can get many
items  in the box. The shipping rate is figured on a flat rate and not by weight of the box . We can get   
as  much at 25  Asparagus Root, 4 Pounds of  Asparagus Plant Food , Elephant Garlic, Nootka Rose  
Garlic, Raspberry Plant  and Horseradish in the box for the same shipping
cost as just as 25 Asparagus.
Please take the advantage of  your shipping dollars and fill up your box.
1.   Where To Buy Asparagus Plants - Crowns?
It is easy to Buy Asparagus Plants from our Asparagus Farm.

We  ship all across the USA . Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Just click on the Order Form or
email us  either way works fine.
Asparagus. However, there are grave differences.

A nursery does not grow Asparagus. Asparagus are stored in bins and purchased from wholesalers.
Some Asparagus are planted outside and later dug up. Digging  up Asparagus with a shovel will destroy
the long fibrous parts of the root. It takes special farm equipment to extract an Asparagus root after being
planted in soil.

A garden shop does not grow Asparagus roots either. They
buy Asparagus and re-sell them. And to keep
the Asparagus from growing while at garden shop the Asparagus are sprayed with a growth retardant.
And seldom grow when planted in your garden.

Some may lead you to believe they dig there own Asparagus yet the Asparagus are stored tin coolers.  
Asparagus roots are very perishable and will contract viruses and mold when stored in a cooler.

Asparagus Farm . . . At our Asparagus Farm we grow our own Asparagus from seed.  We have special
equipment to extract the roots with out damaging them.  We don't use cooler. The Asparagus roots stay in
the fields until your shipping date. We guarantee that you will  receive fresh healthy Asparagus for your
garden. So Buy Asparagus from the Asparagus Gardener.
10 . I Want To Variety of  Tomatoes Plants That  Are Different

All Tomatoes orders must be made on a separate Order Form. Tomatoes ship starting April.

**** Tomato plants can not be shipped with other plants. Tomato Plant Food can be shipped  with Asparagus
or other plants but not with Tomatoes plants.
11.  Can I Complete  My  Order With A Credit Card?

Yes all On Line orders can be completed with a credit card. We do not see your payment  
information. Our secure server is Pay Pal . You don't have to be a member of Pay Pal.
Just click on the Red Barn and it will take you to the order page. Or click on the Mail Box and mail in your order.
All credit card orders are done online. Our secure server is Pay Pal. And had been so
for over 14 yrs with 100 % excellent service. Providing  the highest quality of secure service.
12.   I Want To Add On To My Order. How Do I Do It With Out Getting Another Shipping Fee.

Easy, just email us your added - on selection. We will send you an Invoice via email. Just follow
the steps in the Email and your add - on will be included. We will ship your whole order at the same time.
3.   What Is The Difference Between A Nursery - Garden Shop and an Asparagus Farms?
13.  Want To Talk About Asparagus Or Other Plants and Roots For Sale?

Give us a call  932-946-2030or email us . As many of you know from talking to us
on the phone our passion is     Always happy to get  and be a part of your gardening plans.  
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And plant and pick Asparagus spears
this season.
Click on the white diamonds:
14.   How Are Refunds Handled ?   * * *
It is important that you read the web site and understand what you are buying. If you have any questions
on what to order call us 931-946-2030 or email us

There are no refunds. We
do not refund orders. So be sure you under stand what it is that you are buying.
15.     How Are Incorrect Orders Handled?
All orders are video recorded.  Any shortages of  product must be reported in 4 days. Send an
email with the item in question. We will review your video tape of how your order was packed. If
the item was not sent we will email you with the date of when the item will be shipped.
If you have a question about your order, the fastest way is to send and email with your questions.
March - April we are committed to shipping orders. Send an email and we respond to your questions.    If you want to talk about your order or planting  or growing call  
                                  931 - 254 - 0972
16.    Plant Replacements  Policy.
We do not replace plants. We send live plants in excellent condition. It is for you to  know how to plant them
so they grow and give you plentiful harvest. We are here to help you with any growing or
planting questions. Once your order leaves us we have know way of knowing how it was planted or what your
soil is like. We can not be responsible for plants  that you grow.

If you feel that your plants or roots did not arrive in quality condition you have 4 days to contact us and  discuss the issue.
Remember we have  grown the roots  to a good mature size. You must know how to keep     
them in good healthy condition. All in all we do not replace plants nor roots. But offer our knowledge and help  to get you off
to a good start.

** Asparagus and most other plants are easy to grow. Some common mistakes are:
A. Over watering     B. Poor soil   C. Planting too deep. D. Planting too shallow. E. Compost too fresh  F. Soil  lack nutrients.
2.   Best Way To Order and Get What You Want?
Read the web site. All of it so you know exactly what you are ordering. Or call us 931-254-0972. We don't take
returns, we don't do refunds call to clarify the requirements  for growing.
Click on the white diamonds:
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