Complaint ID#: 37145548
Consumer: Michael Panopoulos
Ordering Asparagus Roots:

There is no guarantee when the Asparagus roots will be shipped. And here is the reason
why:  Mother Natures so determines  when Spring  will  arrive and when it will rain and for
how many days or weeks. Unfortunately for us it rained Feb till May and pretty much ever day
non stop therefore delaying are ability to dig the Asparagus roots from the fields.

Our Goal:
Our goal since  1932  is  to dig the Asparagus  roots out of the fields and ship them in a timely
fashion. And our goal remains the same thereafter. For example:

Easter Sunday while others enjoyed the  holiday we dug roots in the rain so our customers
across the USA could receive their Asparagus roots  to plant. One person went to the
hospital and two farm tractors got stuck in down pouring rain.

Asparagus roots are not in bags just waiting to ship.  Asparagus are perishable and can not
be stored in containers. They are out in the farm fields and dug ever day.
Not Guaranteed Edible:
The Asparagus the customer  received are 3 years old roots. About 90 percent of the
Asparagus roots  at 3 years old produce edible size roots. The third year of growth on the
roots is when they start producing good size spears. If the Asparagus roots do not produce
edible size spears, just let them grow and look for them around early March of 2018.

Asparagus Are Just Like People:
At the same age (3 year) some  Asparagus roots may be are big ,  some tall and some small yet
all the same age. Asparagus roots are like people. They might all be 50 years old but some tall,
some stout, some fat some thin.
How To Tell The Age Of An Asparagus  Root:
Unless you have farmed Asparagus most gardeners would not know how to tell the age of
an Asparagus root. Here is how to tell the age of an Asparagus root. First assumption is that
the longer the root the older the root. And that  theory is in correct.

The age of an Asparagus root is determine by the size of the
Here's how to measure If the crown. If the crown  is nickel size to dime size they are one year
old. If the crown is the size of a quarter they are two years old. If  the crown is the size of a
fifty cent piece they are three years or older.

Length has nothing to do with age. Actually at 6 years the long finger parts of the root die off
and new short stubby ones start to grow.
Communication Error:
Customer states he sent email and no one responded. Yes that is correct. And here is the
reason why:

Asparagus are shipped between March and May 1. Five days after the last order is shipped
we are closed till Sept when Fall shipping starts again. We have always felt that five days was
long enough for customer to contact with questions.
Asparagus Root  Guarantee:
1. We guarantee that the customer will receive that correct amount of roots that they ordered.
2. That the proper age of the rooted ordered is shipped.
3.That the roots be disease free.

Not A Guarantee:
We do not guarantee that the Asparagus roots  are going to grow for you. And here's the
reason why:
1. There are many different  types of spoil .
2. Water drainage.
3. Used up "spent out soil" meaning a crop was there for years and potassium and phosphors
is all used up.
4. Planted in wet soggy soil.  Therefore suffocated.
5. Too much rain after planting and drowned.
6. Planted upside down.
7. Waited too long before returning the roots back to the soil.

We have no control over the environment in which the Asparagus are planted in therefore we
do not guarantee that  the Asparagus will grow.

Making Fern Making Root:
When an Asparagus plant makes fern instead of spears there are several reasons:
1. Ferns  are being made means that  the root is busy under ground making more root.
2. That the harvest season is over and time to grow root. Remember the harvest season is
from end of March till about May.
3. The soil is lacking in nutrients.
4.  Too much water . When plants are watered too much they do not take up the nutrients in
the soil and won't grow big and thick.
In Sum:
In light of all that has been discussed here in this paper. I think I have more than fulfill the
customers request for information to the issues he address.

I believe the customer has greater expectation than what he received. For example on
several parts  of his complaint he compares his 17 year old Asparagus bed to the new 3 year
Asparagus he just planted. There is an  anticipation that the new Asparagus roots are going
to produce  equally to a bed that has been established for 17 years. And that just is not going
to happen for at least one season. Do you plant a peach tree and in a few weeks it produces

No Comparison
There is no comparison between a 17 year old Asparagus  bed  and 3 year Asparagus roots  
just planted.
The 17 year Asparagus are going to produce plenty in there worst state. They have been in
the ground for years. They know how to handle excessive rain drought and lack of nutrients.
While the 3 year root is going to spent time making more root . The newly planted need a
season to get established. Remember that 90 percent of 3rd year Asparagus produce edible
size spears. Might be water or soil conditions that has kept them from achieving that goal.
In Conclusion:
A sandy loam soil that drains well. There should be about 5 inches of soil covering the top
of the crowns while the long parts of the root sets down in the trench lower. Asparagus do
not like being planted in a hole. Plant in trench. Fertilize with Triple phosphate. Or a  
fertilizer that has good potassium and phosphors base. Easy on the watering. Mulch for the
up coming winter. Old spent soil need some attention. Look at pH and nutrients.
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