How   To Do The Perk Test . . . Fast and Easy
what iswater drainage?
"I want my soil to drain fast and easy.
My Asparagus plants/ crowns for sale don't like  moist not soggy soil."

"I don't come out to my garden when it rains".
"How do I know if the soil is draining?"
Follow These Easy Steps: To Do The Perk Test In Your Garden
Dig 12 inches  down into the soil.
12 inches down
24 inches across
Dig across 24 inches.
1.  You should end up with a hole that is 1 foot deep and 2 feet wide.
2.  Fill the hole all the way to the top with water.
3.  If the water is still standing 2 hour2 later . . . then your soil has poor drainage.
Solution:         Simple . . . Easy. . .Fast
1.  To fix a bad drainage problem can be as easy as just adding sand to the soil.
Or it can be more difficult where you may need to find a different location for your asparagus plants.
2.  First, try adding sand, and sawdust and till that in. Sometimes that will fix the problem. Also add
in some
fine pebble-like soil.  Add
Compost Garden Tea to add soil nutrients. Mix all together and re-test for
3.  Or make a Raised Bed for your asparagus plants. Till down about 2 feet and add the above
Mix all together then add side-boards and start to build your bed from their.
Raise The Bed . . .

First, till down into the soil.  You will want to till down about 24 inches. Asparagus need good soil to grow down into.
Some gardener make the mistake of just tilling the soil inside of the bed frame.

Make the humus soft and crumbly by adding
"aged" composted . Also add ag line, and lots of sandy. Before adding you
frame do the above water drainage test.

Then add  your frame. Depth of the bed depends on what you are planting and the condition of the soil under the bed. It
you are planting a rooted veggie or flowers, then your frame might need to be 24 inches deep. Plants like garlic or Black
Raspberry Fruit  Plants  have superficial roots and their roots don't grow down as far as Asparagus do.

Now put the frame in place and fill with good humus, composted, sandy, sandy soil that is well mixed,
pH around 7. 0.  
The frame can be made of used materials. Look around you might find someone throwing out  some wood. I   
good place to look is around new construction site. Also saw-dust makes the soil soft and crumbly-usually it is
free. Check around for a saw mill . It must be untreated saw dust. Plants love it and its free.
Asparagus Plants Are Easy Care-free plants to grow.  For your Asparagus Plants For Sale.
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