Don't just throw lime on your lawn every year out of habit. Test your soil's pH to
see if is it acidic and if lime is even needed.

There's an old saying . . . Before we can fix it we need to know what is wrong.
The first thing you need to do is test your soil. There are many soil test kits with
a array of price ranges.  Or send a  soil sample to a lab for a more in-depth
analysis. Sending your sample away to a private lab will give you the most
complete analysis, although it's more expensive than sending it to your local
extension service.

To Raise the soil pH

If your soil is too acid, you need to add alkaline material. The most common
"liming" material is ground limestone. Ground limestone breaks down slowly,
but it does not burn plants like
"quick lime" does. Apply it to the garden and
lawn in the fall to allow time for it to act on soil pH before the
next growing season. A rule of thumb for slightly acid soils: apply 5 pounds of
lime per 100 square feet (say a 5 x 20-foot raised bed)
to raise the pH by one point..
How to plant Asparagus is important for good

Applying wood ashes also will raise soil pH. Wood ashes contain up to 70
percent calcium carbonate, as well as potassium
, phosphorus, and many trace elements. Because it is powdery, wood ash is a
fast-acting liming material. Be careful, a little
goes a long way. Limit your application to 2 pounds per 100 square feet and
only apply it every other year in a particular area.

Fertilizers for asparagus roots plants for sale, walking onions and raspberry
plants containing sulfur / ammonium-N. Ammonium sulfate is such a fertilizer. If
soil pH needs to be raised (i.e., the earth isn't alkaline enough), apply lime.

To Lower the soil pH
(Translation: If your soil is too alkaline)
In this case, you need to add a source of acid. Options include pine needles,
shredded leaves, sulfur, sawdust and peat moss.
Pine needles are a good source of acid and mulch. Peat moss with a pH of 3.0 is
often recommended as a soil additive.

Fertilizers containing sulfur / ammonium-N. Ammonium sulfate is such a
fertilizer. If soil pH needs to be
raised ( the earth isn't alkaline enough), apply lime.

Garlic between your garden plants.  Garlic add sulphur to the soil. And
keeps garden  pests out.
Changing Soil pH
Did you know?
Farmers and gardeners used to taste their soil to determine its pH. If it had
a sweet taste or smell, it was alkaline. A sour taste meant
it was acid.  
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Understand your soils pH.
Learn about soil pH and watch your plants grow big all season.
What is soil pH?
good soil grow great plants Buy many plants and grow great harvests.
adjust your soil ph before you plant your Asparagus roots.
Garlic grow in pH 6.8 - 7.1. And like dressing about every months or so of extra compost.
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How to test the pH of your soil You can do it. Fast and easy.
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Changing the pH of your soil is easy. Know what to add is the
Learn how to test your soil. Take the guess
work out of your gardening plans.
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