Where  Pennyroyal Grows:
This aromatic American native thrives in limestone-rich soil, in
fields, and in sunny patches of open woodlands throughout North

In American Pennyroyal was used extensively by Native
Americans to treat a variety of ailments from headache and
stomach distress to itching , watery eyes, and fevers. For external
use, the leaves were crushed and applied to the skin to repel
mosquitoes and other insects.

Pennyroyal has the eputed power of driving away fleas.
The fragrant herb blossoms in midsummer. The entire plant exudes a strong,
acrid aroma and has a mint flavor. The scent is offensive to fleas, chiggers,
mosquitoes, and other irritating

Pennyroyal is a perennial herb that is related to the mint family.  Pennyroyal is
a creeping herb with small iliac flowers at the stems end. Its slow growing
nature and colorful blooms, which can range from reddish purple to lilac, makes
this plant a favorite for the herb garden and around the home.
Pennyroyal is a perennial. Also known as  Mosquito Plant, Fleabane, tickweed,
stinking balm and hedeoma. Penny is a creeping herb with small, lilac flowers
at the stem ends.  She flowers from June - October. The leaves are grayish
green . And like other mint family members is the smallest of the mint family  
very aromatic.
The taste and odor of Pennyroyal is stronger and far more pungent than other mints, which
makes it disagreeable to many people. It's also disagreeable to insects, and Pennyroyal has
been used as a natural insect repellant for centuries.
Don't forget me. Pennyroyal keeps the fleas off.
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