Organic compost may be used as mulch for Loofah plants if grass
clippings are unavailable.
Only Loofahs that appear on vines in early summer will have
enough time to fully ripen, so you won't be able to salvage every
one.  Solution plant extra.

Clean the fully mature specimens immediately after harvest or
store in a cool, dry location until ready to use.
If growing loofahs as an edible vegetable, harvest them before
maturity when the fruit is still green.
Luffa (Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangula), also known
as  Looah, vegetable sponge or dishcloth gourds, are grown
mainly for their useful fibrous tissue skeleton.  Eaten like a
squash when they are young and tender.

Young fruits can be eaten as squash, used in stews or even
used in place of cucumbers
Caring for Luffa is very similar to caring for cucumbers
or melons. Keep plants moist, but not saturated, and
provide sturdy support for best results as part of your
Luffa plant care.

Once the plants begin to grow, remove all the first
flowers, any male flowers and the first four lateral
branches. This will result in stronger fruit. Remove
Luffa fruit from the vine before the first frost.
Luffa gardening is fast and easy.
I like Luffa fun to grow. Great to eat. I use it is a sponge in my shop as well.
luffa plants roots bloom bright yellow flower. Plant and grow many.
Dry and take the skin off the Luffa and now a sponge
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Luffa - Loofah Sponge Plants For Sale
"I grow Luffa and Asparagus then plant garlic  and
marigolds in between them to keep out garden pest.

The Luffa will need a gardening space where it can
climb on a fence or trellis just like cucumbers.
Grow Luffa aenjoy the great sponge that it makes.
Luffa on a vine.
Luffa grows like a cucumber - vine
Luffa easy to plant fast to grow
Luffaeatvit like a squash. or dry and use as a sponge.
El;ephant garlic is a big head has pungent.
You've likely heard of a Luffa sponge and may even
have one in your shower, but did you know you can
also try your hand at growing Luffa plants?
Do You Want A Pest Free Garden ?
Solution: Plant garlic and marigold in between your
plants and a long the border. These plants (garlic and
marigolds) give off sulfur that irritates the nose of the
pest. A couple of sniff and they do not return.
luffa plants for sale
garlic great garden or contain plant eastto garden bulbs, cloves, plants
garlic easy to grow buy many and eat and plane . Deter garden pests.
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mail in your luffa and save . Stamp is cheap.
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