Application For:   Diversified Property Management
1:  Where did you find us?
How did you hear about us?
2: Property Address Applied for
3  Anticipated move in date:
Please tell us about yourself
6:Last Name:
4:Applicant's First Name:
5:Middle Name:
7: Date of Birth
8: Name of Dependents:
9: Drivers Licence number & state
10: Social security
11: Your Home phone :
12: Your Cell Phone
13: Work phone number:
14: Your email address:
15: Co-Applicant's Name:First
16: Co-applicant's Name: Middle
17: Co-Applicant's Name: Last
Co-Applicant needs separate application
Please tell us about places you live
21: Zip code
20: State
Street or Avenue
19: City
18: Current Address House number
22: Owner / Agent name:
23: Owner / Agent Phone:
24: Date Moved In:
25: Date Moved Out:
27: City
28: State
29: Zip code
26: Previous Address House number
Street or Avenue
30: Owner / Agent name:
31: Owner / Agent Phone:
32: Date Moved In:
33: Date Moved Out:
34: Previous Addres House number
36: State
Street or Avenue
37: Zip code
35: City
38: Owner / Agent name:
39: Owner / Agent Phone:
40: Date Moved In:
41: Date Moved Out:
Please tell us about your current  employment history
42: Current Employer
45: City
46: Zip code
43: Employer  Address House number
43: State
47: Supervisor:
48:Your Position:
50: Owner / Agent Phone:
51:Salary per month:
49: Date employed:
Please tell us about your current  Other Income
52:Other Income:
53:Other income address House number
Street or Avenue
61:Other income
per month:
60:Owner / Agent Phone:
59:Date employed:
Please tell us about your previous employment or School if history is less than 12 months
62:Previous Employer
Street or Avenue
63:Previous Address House number
67:Date Employed:
69: Owner / Agent Phone:
68:Date Left:
Please tell us about your account references:
72:Phone number
71: Account number:
70: Checking account:Bank Name:
75: Phone number
73: Savings account:Bank Name
74: Account number:
76: Credit Card:Bank Name and Type
77: Credit card number
Please tell us your personal references and emergency contacts:
First Name
Authorization Release:
Authorization Release of Information: I Authorize Diversified Property Managment whose address is 3320
Longfellow Ave. S.Suit#107, Mpls, Mn. 55407 and Multi housing Credit Control Whose address is 10125
Crosstown Circle, Suit #100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 to investigate criminal history, residential,Employment,and
income history, bank and credit history for the purpose of housing and/or employment. The source of information
may come from, but is ;not limited to credit bureaus banks and other depository institutions current and former
employers federal or state records including employment security agencies records count or state records as
follows, or other course Require fit is understood that a photocopy or facsimile copy of this form will serve as
authorization.I understand failure to complete this form completely  and truthfully may result in denial and/or
forfeiture of Deposit this authorization is for this transaction only and continues in effect for one (1) year unless by
state law,in which case the authorization continues in effect for the maximum Period not to exceed one (1)
year,allowed by law.
Agree to release & allow to investigate :
1.Rental Gidelines
2.Printable Application